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Top Ten Rustic Residential Buildings around the world

Rustic Architecture can be described as using old elements that may seem "worn out or rusty" and incorporating them into a new structure that has a function like being residence for someone. Here we have a list of our favourite top ten rustic residential developments around the world. #Rustic #Architecture #Residential #Residence #Estates #wood #rusty #elements #home #house

1. The Jackson Barn

Architect: Carney Logan Burke Architects

A old barn in USA was falling apart until architects got hold of it. The already rustic barn was refurnished with a modern rustic look by adding a huge glass facade and modernizing the interior to create a extraordinary residential home. #Barn #Glass #window #interior

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2. Private Alpine Chalet Austria

Architect: Matteo Thun Milano

Using wood and stone as the main elements to build this rustic household. The facade is wrapped around by logs on the second floor giving the structure its uniqueness and rustic feel, which also allows the building to compliment its surrounding.

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3. Elmo Swart House

Architect: Elmo Swart House

The architects took a old Western Cape thatch chalet and transformed it by adding a new modern structure to the original design which does not take from the chalets rustic style, but adds to it perfectly. #chalet #RSA #Cape

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4. Mrizi Zanave Agroturizem

Architect: Plisatelier

A rustic guest house located in Albania is a magnificent restoration project in which a damaged open gap on the corner of the old building was beautifully glazed instead of replacing the stone. This technique allows the house to become modern but maintain its rustic roots

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5. Log Cabin

Architect: Piet Hein Eek

A sleek and well designed cabin by Piet Hein Eek includes different log lengths added together to create the shape of the structure. Modern glazing was also incorporated to allow a splendid view well retaining heat. #logs #facade #windows

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6. Albizia House

Architect: Metropole Architects

Albizia House is a contemporary/ futuristic design with a rustic flair that really pieces the design together to allow the structure to blend with the natural safari surroundings. #Safari #structure #contemporary

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7. The Hemmingford Farm House

Architect: Simard Architects

The Hemmingford House is an old farmhouse revamped and recreated into a modern rustic styled home. The entire revamping process was built only using natural materials. #natural #farm #house #home

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8. Natural Westcliff Pavilion

Architect: GASS Architects

At first glance one would see the Natural Westcliff Pavilion as a rustic designed house with its stone cladding; however the main element used here is steel which supports the whole structure. The modern design was well integrated into its natural surroundings to create a harmonious blend. #stone #pavilion #steel

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9. Mar Azul Concrete Home

Architect: Bak Architects

One would not think that a modern invention like concrete would be able to be blended into a design that appears both natural and modern at the same time. The Mar Azul was integrated into a hill to better blend with its surrounding. A great example of this is the Mar Azul concrete house in Argentina. #concrete

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10. Black Mountain Farmhouse

Architect: Acm Design

The main objective set by the client to the architect was to fuse and blend a form of Japanese design; with hewn details of an old Pennsylvanian house. The results are a humble rustic masterpiece

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