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Top Ten Buildings Among the trees

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Known as Arboreal Architecture, is the design and development of structures that are strategically built on or around trees instead of removing them. Here is Hub Architects top ten buildings that incorporated Arboreal Architecture. #Arboreal #Architecture #Trees #Nature #Wood #Modern #Architects

1. The Wilkinson Residence

Architect: Robert Harvey Oshatz

Located in Portland, Oregan, the Wilkinson Residence is a fine example of arboreal architecture with it's harmonious integration into it's natural surroundings.

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2. Luciano Kruk's House Among the Trees

Architect: Luciano Kruk

The house looks almost as if the house had been sculptured right on site. Using concrete and glass as the main elements, the architects designed the building with a modern aesthetic with extra glazing to allow more light in.

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3. Ministers Tree House

Architect: Horace Burgess

The tallest recorded tree house in the world was ‘The Ministers Tree House’ standing at 97 feet tall. What made the tree house even more interesting is that it was made of 100% recycled materials. However in 2019 of the month of October, the tree house was burnt down in a forest fire. Leaving only ashes and pictures of the tree house behind.

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4. The Bert Design

Architect: Studio Precht

The Bert design by Studio Precht is a off-grid building with oversized porthole windows that truly make the design stand out, as well as allowing the occupants to view the natural landscape from great heights.

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4. Tree Tower Toronto

Architect: Penda and Tmber

A 18-storey timber tower block that is changing the face of Toronto and proves that nature can be incorporated in a high rise building and still be effective among the city life.

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5. Tubular Tree House

Architect: Aibek Almassov

I know you have heard about a ‘Tree house’, but have you heard about a massive tree in a house?’ Well this tubular glass house design by Aibek Almassov could be built around a tree.

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6. The InHabit

Architect: Anthony Gibbon

This tree house design by Anthony Gibbon is not for someone afraid of heights. The use of the minimalism style allows for optimal space to sleep 6 people high up in the trees.

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7. House Paarman

Architect: Malan Vorster

South Africa has a large array of trees to build around. Check out this unique building in Cape Town by architect Malan Vorster known as House Paarman. The building has been designed with peculiar cylindrical shapes to fit nicely between the lushes trees.

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8. The Mirror Cube

Architect: Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

A design made to be raised up in the trees with mirror panels that reflect, allowing the building to seamlessly blend with the trees and the natural surroundings.

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9. Evans Tree House

Architect: Modus Studio

Using steel and ‘heat treated” pine, Modus Studio created the mysterious Evan Tree House in Arkansas with a goal in mind of bringing people back to the woods.

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10. The Kirstenbosch Tree Canopy Walkway

Architect: Henry Fagan and Partners

The Kirstenbosch Tree Canopy Walkway is a 130 m long sculptural footbridge which sways through and over the tree canopy of the natural Forest at Kirstenbosch. The bridge design is not only sleek but was also designed user-friendly for all types of people with different conditions.

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