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Top Ten Tiny Homes around the World

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

1. The Ecocapsule

Architects: Nice&Wise

The Ecocapsule, is a futuristic tiny home with everything you need in it to live off grid in style. Designed by Slovakia-based architects Nice&Wise (a design studio formerly known as Nice architects), this capsule can be placed in almost any environmental condition and ideal for off-the-grid living.

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2. Elsa House

Architects: Olive Nest Tiny Homes

A tiny home designed with a detachable greenhouse for those people who can’t live without a garden. Designed by Olive Nest Tiny homes and named Elsa, this is definitely a gardeners’ dream tiny home.

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3. The Copia Cabin

Architect: Justin Cooke

Known as the Copia Cabin, this tiny home can be found in the Western Cape and is available as holiday rental. This is an impressive tiny home design once again since the small interior spaces were optimised with a flare for contemporary, even though once again a shipping container was used as its main design.

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4. The Eco-Perch

Architects: The Blue Forest

The Blue Forest Eco-Perch is the name of this Tiny home because it can literally almost be “perched” anywhere, even on a tree. The installation of this tiny home only takes 5 days and due to its size, its’ environmental footprint is next-to-nothing.

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5. The Upside-Down House

This tiny home is known as The Upside-Down House and can be found in Hartbeespoort. It was built to be seen as a house that’s been flipped over onto its roof to represent the architects view on society and how the world is at the moment. even the interior was flipped!

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6. Aero Tiny Home

Architects: The Tiny Home Guys

This tiny home was created using a part of a decommissioned Dash 8 airplane. The design is simple, yet effective in providing all the essential needs one would want from a tiny home.

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7. Silo Studio Cottage

Something out of a mythical and magical fairy tale, this tiny home is available to rent from Airbnb and even has the main bedroom designed to be right on top with a large window peering over the natural forest.

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8. OOD Tiny Home

A tiny home completely covered in reflective mirror windows, whereby the dweller can see outside but no one can see into the tiny home unless entered.

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9. The Mills House

Architects: Wingardh Architects

The Mills House was designed to represent the Swedish ritual of bathing and sauna. Located in the countryside, this tiny home represent relaxation and Zen.

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10. The Hobbits House in Wales

Architects: Simon Dale

Designed by Simon and Jasmin Dale, in which they carved out a hillside and built the Hobbits house using only natural materials such as mud and wood.

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