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Top Ten Mixed Use Buildings around the world

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The term “Mix used building” refers to a development which functions to blends between: commercial, residential, cultural, institutional, and or entertainment spaces. Mix used buildings therefore can generate an income from various sources. Here is Hub Architects list for top ten mix used buildings around the world.

1. Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers are twin skyscrapers found in Malaysia which are connected with a bridge which is 170 m above the ground, which is the highest sky bridge in the world.

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2. New Century Global Complex

The largest building in the world in terms of floor space is a mix used and can be found in China. Known as The New Century Global Complex; this mega structure covers over 18.9 million square feet and can be found in the Province Chengu of China.

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3. Aoyama Technical School

Aoyama Technical School is a college located in Japan and it is a mix used building that brings the streets of Daikanyama to life with a futuristic look. The most impressive fact of this school is it was erected all the way back in 1990 and still seems from the future.

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4. The Albino Alligator

The Albino Alligator is a mixed-use project which is said to resemble the shape of an Alligator according to the architectures. The vast use of glass and the colour white allows the design to radiate in the sun while reducing heat and allowing natural light into the building.

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5. Termah Building

Located in Iran is a mixed-used building with a twist, a literal twist with a staircase leading into the building. Designed by architect Farshad Mehdizadeh and Ahmad Bathaei with the inspiration they got from the shape of a traditional handwoven Iranian cloth.

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6. Naiipa Art Complex

There is a mixed used building designed and built in Bangkok to seamlessly blend with its surrounding with the smart integration of mirror cladding.  One would not be able to tell from first glance that there is a built-in: art gallery, music studio, dance studio and office space, along with restaurants and coffee shops.

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7. The Zhengzhou mixed used Development

The Zhengzhou mixed used development is something out of a futuristic fairy-tale. The building contains a hotel, retail space and a green boulevard strip which is integrated into the designed as if it is all one piece.

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8. Fala Park Sports Centre

Here is an awesome mix used building that created with heavy budget constraints on the architects. The results were a modern contemporary look with a tennis court built on top!

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9. The Leonardo

The Leonardo was designed by AMA Architects currently the tallest building in Africa standing at 234 metres in height. The mega structure contains 55 mixed used floors which includes an above ground podium, where a swimming pool and restaurant lies.

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10. Linked Hybrid

Designed to perform multiple functions, the Linked Hybrid consists of 8 linked towers which gives access to apartments, a hotel, a cinema and much more. The modern contemporary style worked well and the use of multiple colours gives the building some life.

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