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Top Ten Aquatic Buildings around the world

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Architecture that can respond to water through material, structure, craft and detailing can increase the awareness of the problems surrounding water usage in urban culture is known as Aquatic Architecture. Here is Hub Architects top ten buildings designed with Aquatic Architecture.

1. AmorePacific Headquarters

Architect: David Chipperfield

Located in Seoul, South Korea, the uniqueness of this building comes from the punctuated voids implemented by the architecture, as well as the artistic and strategic placement of trees and pools. The design was so well done that it won tall building of the year in 2018.

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2. Wind and Water Bar

Architect: Vo Trong Nghia

This amazing Bamboo Dome was constructed without using a single nail and was built atop a lake in Binhduong, Vietnam. The building proves that the architectural design can and will effect what building materials used, even in a positive way.

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3. The Under Restaurant

Architect: Kjetil Trædal Thorsen

The Lindesnes is the first underwater restaurant in Europe and the biggest in the world. The building can seat up to 40 people and they have a view of the marine time life with a huge panoramic window.

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4. Aldar Headquarters

Architect: MZ Architects

Head architect of MZ Architects; Marwan Zgheib said that the building was inspired by the shape of a seashell and was created in tribute to the cities maritime heritage. They developed a diagrid (a diamond-shaped framework of diagonally intersecting steel ribs) to create the building’s striking curved glass skin which has been glistening on the Abu Dubai seafront since 2010.

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5. Fallingwater

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wirght

Also known as the Kaifmann Residence, Fallingwater is a project done by world renounced architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The design was created and formed around the edge of a waterfall and was designed back in 1935. Making it the first fully integrated aquatic architectural project to be drawn and recorded.

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6. The Muraka

Architect: Yuji Yamazaki Architecture

The Muraka is the first underwater hotel ever built and was completed in 2018. The entire building is submerged underwater and is covered in 7 inch thick acrylic walls which allows the hotel visitor to view the oceans habitat well sleeping deep in the ocean.

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7. Regent Park Aquatic Centre

Architects: MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects

This aquatic park was designed with elegant modern contemporary style. Due to Canada’s temperatures reaching below freezing. This aquatic centre was designed to withhold heat so swimmers can swim all year round in the pool.

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8. Louvre Abu Dubai

Architect: Jean Nouvel

The stainless steel and aluminium dome, as well as the sleek modern styled surrounding buildings which are submerged in water; makes this art museum an art piece in itself.

Photo: Getty Images/Luc Caste

9. The Floating Houses of IJburg.

Architect: Marlies Rohmer

Due to the consisting rise in sea levels, parts of Holland are sinking into the sea. The solution for modern architects was to build floating houses on artificial Islands, such as the city of IJburg which has proved that architecture is both an art and a problem solver.

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10. AISJ New Aquatics Centre

Architect: Flansburgh Architects

Sitting 5,000 feet above sea level, The AISK Aquatics Centre is a state of the art sports building with an Olympic sized pool, as well as a teaching pool incorporated in the design. Operable louvers modulate daylight and provide protection from the sun, this allow more control of the temperature of the building aswell.

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