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The benefits of Micro Apartments vs Traditional Apartments by Hub Architects

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

What is a typical Micro apartment?

Well if you approached Hub Architects' this is what we would design for you, but the most important part is “Not; what we would design for you” but “Why would we would design Micro Apartments."

What Advantages does a Developer have by developing Micro Apartments:

· A small residential footprint allows the developer to maximize unit numbers in a development without compromising quality.

· Micro Apartments are also a great way of incorporating inclusionary housing (Gauteng) into new housing developments due to the small footprint it leaves.

· They also make for a good unit choice in ‘development-conversions’ of ‘offices to residential’ as they take up less space and allow for more units to be incorporated into the existing constraints.

A great example of maximizing the use of space in a micro apartment, image found by the link below.

The basic components of a micro apartment are:

· It consists of maximum 2 rooms, one being the bathroom and the other being the multi-functional living area, where you live, work and sleep.

· The micro apartment averages in around 20 m², whereas a traditional apartment averages at around 45 m² and consists of 2 or more rooms.

· Micro Apartments normally have built in furniture that is multi-functional. For example stairs that have built-in storage draws on the side, or beds that fold into cupboards

· The traditional lifestyle component that will be lacking in the unit are now catered for in the communal living environment that houses an array of functions that add to the lifestyle and enjoyment of the development.

Some advantages of micro apartments are:

· Due to the smaller size, the monthly expenses for the dweller substantially drops.

· The monthly rental costs are far more affordable in sort after areas.

· The cost for furnishing and decorating is substantially less compared to traditional apartments.

· The time taken for household chores and cleaning is less

· Heating the space in winter is much faster due to the smaller area that requires heating up.

· Foldaway furniture allows you to maximize the space and to use the same area twice.

· The incorporation of storage gives the user more ease of use.

· These apartments are great for young professionals or individuals that travel frequently or require a working residence away from home.

This micro apartment maximized space by designing upwards. Image source found below

Micro Apartment Lifestyle

Developing Micro Apartments creates a whole different type of Lifestyle, whereby it connects the residents with each other in terms of being more interactive with one another because of the use of communal facilities that are normally integrated into the development of micro apartment developments.

Another key feature that makes these micro apartments a success is that in some apartments the furniture and installations are designed for the apartment in such a way to maximize the functionality and use. The introduction of fold away furniture allows the user to use the same space twice while also giving you all the necessary working surfaces that you got accustomed to in traditional apartment living.

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