This high-density, six-storey, luxury residential apartment building has been designed to maximise the views to the Nortth, South and West of the site. The arrangement of the development is reminiscent of perimeter block design with a central green courtyard that houses the kids play areas and clubhouse. The architectural form is borrowed from various sources, combined together in such a way that creates a continuous and harmonious  feel that is neither ultra modern or traditional but sits comfortably inbetween. 

Architectural Style

Modern Contemporary

Greenstone, Johannesburg


30 225m²

Site Area


120  Units per Hectare

Number of units

330 Units

Emerald Skye Guard House View (Final).jp
Emerald Skye Aerial View 26Mar19.jpg
Emerald Skye_Interior Living Dining [Pro
Emerald Skye_Interior Living Dining [Pro

34 Hubert Mathew Road |  Illiondale  |  Edenvale |  1609  |  Johannesburg  |  South Africa